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ButterFly Jigs – Shimano ButterFly Flat Side Jigs – have glow-in-the-dark appealing color profiles

Shimano ButterFly Flat-Side Jigs are the modern revolutionary design for vertical jigging coming out of Japan. These butterfly jigs with their “butterfly like” fluttering action can increase sensitivity of feeling bites. To take advantage of these jigs, the butterfly jig must be combined with matching tackle. This can give anglers a new way to target a large variety of finicky deep water predators.


The proper combination of powerful rods, reels and line can take deep-water experience of butterfly jig fishing to a whole new level. The jigs are available in two distinct styles – regular and long. The amazing thing about ButterFly Jigs are that they provide a spiral, darting action vertically through the water column. The longer skinnier jigs are designed to move side by side aggressively when retrieved. This horizontal action is due to the jig’s center of gravity. On the fall, they roll and wobble “the butterfly effect.” Ideally they provide a spiral, darting action. This designed action can incite fish into a bite frenzy mode.


The action technique is the same for both spinning and conventional reels. The rod lift is from the 7 A.M. position to about about 9 A.M. then dropped back again. Using a circular lifting cycle of the rod, a half turn is made with the reel handle on both the up and down stroke. Both fast and slow retrieves can be used covering 15 to 25 inches each time. The short stroke requires precise and consistent motion from the angler to keep the jig moving at all times. This action is more conservative and less tiring on the angler but involves more precision. Additionally, the jig remains longer in the strike zone during the retrieve than when speed jigging.


This action technique also works for both spinning and conventional reels. The rod lift is from the 7 A.M. position to about about 11 A.M. then dropped back again. Use a straight lifting cycle of the rod, then with the reel, remove all the slack in the line on the down stroke. Use fast retrieves covering 25 to 35 inches each time. The long stroke requires less precision but consistent motion from the angler to keep the jig moving at all times. The downside is that the jig moves through the strike zone more quickly. As a result, the angler must repeat the process more frequently. This technique is more aggressive and stressful for the angler and on the equipment.


Traditional jigs use double or treble hooks attached to the bottom of the jig. Alternatively, butterfly jigs are designed to use one or two stinger hooks attached to the top of the jig. As a result, the jig flutter is controlled by design to mimic natural prey. There is another advantage to the hook placement. The jig is less likely to hang up in a heavy structure. As mentioned before, there is a lot of stress on all the gear used in this type of jigging. The rods, reels, line and jigs must be a good match for the fishing environment . ButterFly jigs are available in 112gm (4oz), 224gm (8oz), and 325gm (12oz) sizes. They also come in five cool colors: Pink Silver – Orange Gold – Green Silver – Brown Silver – Blue Sardine. This size range and color profile covers offshore fishing opportunities for many species and for any current strength.

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