Big Game Lure Fishing involves the pursuit of salt water big game fish with artificial bait by professional and recreational anglers alike. Boat size effects the strategies and tactics anglers use. Professional anglers generally have access to bigger boats. With recreational anglers, smaller budgets are a limitation in big game lure fishing. Budget is also a consideration when it comes to the selection of big game lures, reels and rods.

Big Game Lure Fishing by Professionals Anglers

Trolling lures behind a boat is the essence of Big Game Lure Fishing.  Professionals Anglers tend to hire charter boats with a crew to pursue big game fish. Their choice of tackle is broad and easy to target specific species of fish. Furthermore, larger boat sizes allow for larger trolling patters. At the same time, a professional crew have an advantage in changing sea and weather conditions.

Big Game Lure Fishing by Recreational Anglers

All anglers arrange game fishing lures in a pattern depending on the size of the boat. Smaller boats have more limitation on the pattern and must position their lures to prevent tangling. As a result, the wake and smaller outrigger spread of a small boat limits the number of big game fishing lures deployed at one time. Furthermore, boat size also has limitation as to the fishing area, location and ocean conditions that can be covered. Even with these constrains small boats successfully pursue and target all species of game fish.