BIG GAME LURE GUIDE is information for learning what trolling lure fishing is about and how it’s done. Including some of best trolling tips available from both recreational and professional anglers.
Explore all the strategies involving in the use and placement of fishing lures regardless of boat size. In addition, you’ll also get access to recommended big game fishing lures and related tackle.

Big Game Lure Fishing Tips and Techniques

In lure fishing for big game you have an endless variety of trolling lures to choose from. Some will suit boat size, speeds and various sea conditions better than others. Learn to select and use the optimal lure sets for trolling. Lures that can be used effectively for a variety of trolling speeds, positions and sea conditions, and allows targeting a wide range of game fish.

Big Game Lure Fishing Tactics

Trolling lure strategies involving in the use and placement of fishing lures. You must consider the lure placement in relationship to the boat, the wake and to other lure positions. In addition, the sea and weather patterns involved must be noted. Big game lure tactics optimized lure size, trolling speed, and the target species can influence tactical outcomes. Therefore, Big game lure tactics should be carefully planned and executed.