Big Game Lure Makers Commercial big game lure makers fashion artificial bait from metal, acrylic and resin. Professional and recreational fishermen use these fishing lures to catch game fish. As a result, Big Game anglers use Plungers, Pushers, Tubes and Bullet lures. Lure makers design their lure heads to attract game fish by the way they move through the water. Professional and recreational anglers around the world respect Hawaiian lure makers for the beauty of their fishing lure heads and the technology behind their head designs. Lure makers enhance artificial bait with resin pours, shimmering inserts and brilliant colors.

Hawaiian Big Game Lure Makers

There are four basic styles of big game fishing lures: plungers, pushers, tubes and bullets. Lure makers use molds to create the four styles. They contour the lure head to make their lures dive and pop. Lure Makers also add jets to create more bubbles. Lure Makers in Hawaii are known for their innovative designs. Marlin pursue large lures while smaller fish attack lures that mimic bait fish.

Other HandCrafted Lure Makers

The most famous Hawaiian hand made lure makers are Henry Chee and Joe Yee. Their classic designs are still in use today. Eric Koya, Gary Eoff, Steve Coggin, and Bart Miller also make big game lures and are todays master craftsmen. Their lures are responsible for catching thousands of game fish in the last decade.