Big Game Lures & Jigs  are for pursuing and catching salt water big game fish by professional and recreational anglers.  Big game fishermen use fishing rods, game fishing reels, fishing hooks, fishing line, terminal tackle, and other game fishing accessories.  As a result, big game lures and jigs remain the dominant fishing method. They test a fisherman’s patience, tackle and strength.

Big Game Fishing Lures

Anglers use special Lures for marlin fishing.  You can catch Blue  marlin, black marlin, white white and stripped marlin. While Bill fish, include spearfish, sail fish and swordfish use lures species specific.

Big Game Fishing Jigs

Tuna require different Fishing Lures.  Furthermore tuna are often pelagic fish. Some popular tuna game fish are blue fin tuna, yellow tail, yellow fin, skipjack, albacore and ahi.  Other game fish include wahoo (ono), dorado (mahimahi)and sharks. In conclusion, Big Game fishing demands the very best in lures and jigs, technology, skills. In addition, rely on the know-how of lure makers.