Lure Rigging & Skirting  is one of the important steps in preparation for big game fishing. First, the selections of lure heads for targeting specific offshore species is decided. After that, the appropriate lure skirting material is selected for the lures. And finally, a selection of the proper hook rig is combined with the right fishing leader. In effect, the combination of the right lure rigging and skirting materials contributes to a successful big game fishing adventure.

Lure Rigging Terminal Tackle and Tools

Rigging attaches the line to the hooks. Rigging also attached hooks to leader material. Big game hooks come in half a dozen sizes. The most trust worthy hooks are made of Japanese steel. Release hooks, bait hooks and marlin hooks are made in different shapes and with different metals. Terminal tackle must handle the weight and resistance of big game fish. Finally, for success and confidence, you need high quality tools.

Lure Skirting Material Considerations

There are three types of skirting materials: vinyl, rubber and Flashabou®. Flashabou skirts work well for bullets and jets. Vinyl is an excellent skirting material for large plungers, like the Poi Dog Lure. Octopus skirts come in a rainbow of colors and patterns and work well on all lure head styles. Skirting is often done in layers. Skirting is both aesthetic and functional. The tentacles or strips of skirting material catch and release “smoke bubbles” during trolling. Smoke attracts game fish. In addition, the colors and shimmer of lure skirts contributes to the lure’s attractiveness.